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Khatami: 8 Million Votes Were Added to the Ballot Boxes in 2009

Mohammad Reza Khatami, former chairman of Cooperation Front of Islamic Iran and the brother of former president Mohammad Khatami, said that during the 2009 elections, there was fraud happening inside the ministry of state and “8 million votes were added to the ballot boxes”.

On the Internet show “Face to Face” Khatami said he has received this information from “informed people on the other side” that he doesn’t want to name.

Khatami claimed that almost 32 million votes were cast, but 8 million was added and it was announced that over 39 million had voted.

In the 2009 election, three out of four candidates, Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, and Mohsen Rezaei objected to the results. After Khamenei’s harsh speech a week after the election, Rezaei stopped protesting the results, but Mousavi and Karroubi didn’t. The resulting protests were what is known as “the green movement”. Dozens of the protesters were killed in the streets and thousands were arrested.

The Islamic Republic authorities and the Supreme leader refer to the green movement as the “conspiracy” and say it was designed by the enemy.

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