Irgan Mehr confirms Iran International’s report on corruption in Ministry of Health and IRGC | Iran International

Irgan Mehr confirms Iran International’s report on corruption in Ministry of Health and IRGC

In a statement on its website, the Irgan Mehr company confirmed the report published by Iran International about the corruption in the Ministry of Health, IRGC, and two of the supreme leader’s foundations regarding the import of coronavirus test kits from South Korea.

In an exclusive report on Friday, Iran International published a letter from Irgan Mehr company to the secretary of the coronavirus taskforce in Ministry of Health, in which the process of competition between IRGC and Barekat foundation for signing a contract with the Korean company to import coronavirus test kits was explained.

In the document published by Iran International, it was mentioned that while Irgan Mehr was in the process of negotiation with the Korean company, one of the subsidiary companies of the Execution of Imam’s Order (under the control of the supreme leader) named KBC company, signed a contract with the Korean company without acquiring a permit from the Ministry of Health, using its government influence.

Irgan Mehr company’s statement not only has confirmed the report, but it also adds that “this opportunistic behavior was not limited to KBC company, but many other government companies also repeatedly attempted to derail the deal for purchasing test kit.

Iran International’s report had revealed that three officials at the Ministry of Health were all beneficiaries of the economic activities of KBC company, which is a clear conflict of interest.

After the report was published, the Ministry of Health officials started a campaign against Iran International, accusing it of creating obstacles for the import of medical equipment. The ministry also published a receipt that they claimed was for buying test kits from South Korea, but due to Iran International’s report, it was blocked by U.S sanctions. However, the date on the receipt is long before the publication of the report.


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