Iranian social media reacts to Bolton’s resignation

President Trump announcement about replacing his White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was met with different reactions on Iranian social media.

On one hand, the Islamic Republic officials could hardly hide their excitement and mostly interpreted it as a victory and a reaction to Iran’s strength, due to Bolton’s long-lasting hostility toward the Islamic Republic.

Mohsen Rezaei, the former commander in chief of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the secretary of Expediency Discernment Council tweeted:

“The foreign minister of China told me: In tactics, America is a real tiger, but in strategy, it is a paper tiger. I told him: We will lock this tiger up in a cage and shut the door hard. We will not be fooled by them sacrificing Bolton.”

The minister of culture and Islamic Guidance, Abbas Salehi:

“Today was not a good day for the B team. Bolton was humiliated and fired from the White House, and Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to run for shelter in fear and shame. More bitter days to come for Iran’s enemies.”

Mashhad representative to the parliament, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh, claimed that firing Bolton was a result of the recent threatening comments made by the leader of Hezbollah of Lebanon:

A few nights ago, I said in a TV interview that our actions must lead to a change in the behavior of Americans, not the European who are just followers. The Seyed of resistance (Hassan Nasrallah) got mad, Israel was threatened, Bolton was fired. This is what diplomacy means. How long are you going to fail to understand the world’s language?”

Ali Rabiei, the spokesman for the government:

“Bolton promised months ago that Iran (Islamic Republic) will not last more than three months. We are still here, and he is gone. Just as all the enemies of Iran left the stage one by one. By firing the biggest supporter of the war and economic terrorism, the White House will have fewer obstacles in understanding the reality of Iran.”

Ordinary Iranians on social media also had varying reactions. Some who support the regime were happy and called it a victory, the opposition took the message differently.

Many anti-regime activists (like Etelaf 10) underlined the fact that Bolton was replaced with the Acting White House National Security Adviser Charlie Kupperman, one of the architects of the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and claimed that he would much harder on Iran than Bolton.

Others in the opposition stated that overthrowing the regime is not dependent on Trump or Bolton or Pompeo or anyone. It only relies on the Iranian people.

Iranian author Amir Taheri tweeted: It is not Bolton or Trump going on strike in Iran risking prison terms. Not US officials who set themselves on fire against Khomeinist injustice. Some 5000 political prisoners in Iran are not part of the Trump team. Revolts in 300 Iranian cities were not the work of Trump or Bolton.




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