Iranian Navy: 19 killed in the Konarak vessel incident | Iran International

Iranian Navy: 19 killed in the Konarak vessel incident

The Iranian Navy released a statement about the incident in the Persian Gulf in which the Navy vessel “Konarak” was shot and sank by another Navy frigate “Jamaran” during a military exercise, announcing that 19 crew members were killed and 15 were injured in the incident.

Konarak was reportedly tasked with placing targets within the firing zone. But when the cruise missile was fired, Konarak had not distanced itself enough from the designated target, so the missile locked on the vessel.

There have also been images of injured crewmen being taken to a hospital in Chabahar.

Jamaran, weighing 1200 tons with 90 meters length and 10 meters in widths and 140 personnel, is supposedly the first Iranian-made frigate that was delivered to Iran’s Navy in a ceremony attended by Ayatollah Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic.


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