An Iranian economist was allegedly murdered, cut in pieces, and burnt


Abdolreza Davari, one of Ahmadinejad’s confidants, claimed on his Twitter page that law expert and economist and environmentalist Farshid Haki, was murdered.

In his message on Sunday, October 22, Davari wrote that Farshid Haki “was murdered in a horrifying manner and after his death, they chopped up his body and burned it”.

Haki was an economic critic of the current conditions of the country and also an active member of “Protecting the Kind Zagros” environmental campaign. He had published several books on human rights and economic policies, and had done interviews in support of incarcerated teachers and workers. 

No judicial authority has reacted to the news of his murder yet, but one of his colleagues named only “Modiri” said that this murder might also be a personal grudge or related to one of his legal cases.

On his Telegram channel, Davari addresses Tehran’s attorney general and demands from him to “quickly order the investigation and identification and punishment of the murderers who committed this brutal and savage crime”.

Haki was a consultant with Economic Research Monthly, which is published by Abdolreza Davari. Some of Ahmadinejad’s critics among the fundamentalists have criticized Haki as being part of Ahmadinejad’s “diversion branch”.

After the news of Haki’s murder was posted, Davari published some of the attacks of fundamentalists on Haki, in which they had called him “the economic expert of the diversion branch” and accused him of promoting anti-Islamic content on the Telegram channel he managed.

By providing these backgrounds, it seems that Davari is implying that this might have been a political assassination.

Ahmadinejad’s critics among the fundamentalists have used the derogatory term “diversion branch” for him and his inner circle since his second term as president. They considered Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, Ali Akbar Javanfekr, and Hamid Baghaei as the heads of the diversion branch. All three have been recently tried in court, and Mashaei and Baghaei are currently in prison.

Their incarceration has led to Ahmadinejad’s stronger criticism of the judiciary, asking for the chief justice of the judiciary to be removed.

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