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Iranian CEO of Payment24 company arrested for violating US sanctions

The United States has charged the Iranian online financial services company Payment24 and two of its senior executives with violating U.S sanctions on Iran. Sajjad Shahidian, the founder and CEO of Payment24 has been arrested in Britain and extradited to the U.S. Vahid Vali, the COO of the company is still at large.

The company and the two executives have been charged with conspiracy to commit offenses against the U.S., money laundering, identity theft, and wire fraud.

The company allegedly sold a package on its website, which included a PayPal account, a remote IP address from the United Arab Emirates, a Visa gift card, and a fraudulent ID card and address receipt, to help Iranian clients make online purchases from U.S.-based businesses, according to the indictment.

The company ceased all its activities in the Winter of 2019.

The prosecutors say Shahidian and Vali made misrepresentations to U.S. businesses about the destinations of the goods. Mr. Shahidian also allegedly used false residency information and fake passports to obtain payment processing accounts from U.S. companies, prosecutors said.




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