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Iran: We know the exact reason for Natanz incident but will not announce it yet

The spokesperson for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council announced that the Islamic Republic has identified the exact cause of the Natanz incident, but it will not be revealed yet for “security considerations”.

Khosravi said on Friday that the technical and security inspections by the related authorities have precisely revealed the cause of the incident.

Yesterday, the chairman of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, Gholamreza Jalali has stated that if it becomes clear that the incident was due to a cyberattack, the Islamic Republic will retaliate.

Hours after the incident in Natanz the Islamic Republic official news agency published a note about the possibility of Israel’s involvement in the incident and that if such signs exist, a new strategy must be devised to deal with the new situation.

Some experts on Reuters and New York Times have speculated on the possibility of sabotage.

Ten years ago, the STUXNET virus infected the Natanz nuclear site and delayed Iran’s nuclear program.

One week ago, there was a massive explosion in Parchin Military/nuclear industrial zone. The government of Iran claimed that the explosion was due to a gas tank leak. But the satellite images show that the explosion seems to have occurred at the solid missile fuel facility.




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