Iran warns Britain’s seizure of Iranian supertanker “will not go unanswered” | Iran International

Iran warns Britain’s seizure of Iranian supertanker “will not go unanswered”


The Chief of Staff for the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Bagheri, says that the detention of Iranian supertanker in Gibraltar by the British forces “will not go unanswered”, adding: “We are neither afraid of war nor welcome it.”

At the same time, Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) ground forces announced that the IRGC is following “the doctrine of attacking the enemy’s depth” and said that “shooting down the American drone and the recent events disrupted the enemy’s strategy” but “they will not leave the Islamic Republic alone”.

At a military ceremony on Tuesday, July 9, General Bagheri said the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker by the British forces in Gibraltar was based on false accusation and it happened in international waters. He warned Britain: “This act will not go unanswered and in the right time and the right place, there will be a response to this pathetic act.”

“The Islamic Iran has proven the world that Iran is not a warmonger and does not plan on breaking promises and attack others, and it is the enemy that breaks its promises,” Bagheri claimed.

He continued: Since May, we have chosen the “active resistance” strategy. Due to the brilliance of the supreme leader, we are neither afraid of war, nor we welcome it. But during this period, negotiation means surrender, so we respond to it with a decisive no.”



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