Iran Mourns Suicide of Woman Who Was Punished for Trying to Enter Stadium | Iran International
FIFA to Iran International: We are aware of the story

Iran Mourns Suicide of Woman Who Was Punished for Trying to Enter Stadium

The suicide of Sahar Khodayari, known as the blue girl, has drawn reactions from many, including FIFA, Iranian national football team players, league players, and others.

In correspondence with Iran International, FIFA said that it is aware of this Tragedy and deeply regrets it.

FIFA also offered condolences to the family of Sahar Khodayari and urged Iranian officials to “guarantee the freedom and security of women who legitimately fight for ending the ban on the presence of women in Iran’s stadiums.”

Ali Karimi, former national team and FC Bayern Munich player posted a photo on his Instagram calling on the fans not to go to the stadiums until further notice.

Andranik Taymourian, former captain of the national team said that one day a giant stadium in Tehran will be named after Sahar: “The next generation will remember the difficult road we went through to achieve our most basic rights.”

Jafar Panahi, a prominent Iranian director who was incarcerated and barred from leaving the country for his films, wrote on his Instagram page: “When I made the movie Offside about the ban on women entering stadiums, a friend of mine asked, “are you not afraid?” I said, “of what?” He said: “When they allow women to enter the stadiums, your film will no longer be relevant.” I made that movie 13 years ago. Iranian girls under the Islamic Republic rule are the only citizens in the world that are still in Offside.

Esteghlal Football Club (One of Iran’s two most popular teams; Sahar’s team) issued a statement of condolence to Sahar’s family.

Javad Nekunam, head coach of Khuzestan Steel team, published a drawing on his Instagram page showing a football fan self-immolating in the stands.

A few Iranian officials, including Mp Parvaneh Salahshouri have also expressed their sorrow for Sahar's decision. 

Sahar Khodayari was arrested and later sentenced to six months in prison for attempting to enter the stadium. After she received her verdict from the revolutionary court, she self-immolated in front of the courthouse.

The Islamic Republic's constitution does not ban women from entering the stadium. But it is a policy that the Islamic Republic has implemented since the revolution of 1979.


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