Iran judiciary officials did not allow WHO to visit Evin prison

Despite the numerous reports about the spread of coronavirus in Iranian prisons, Iran International reports that on Monday, the Islamic Republic’s judiciary officials have refused to allow WHO agents to visit Evin prison. The demands of political prisoners for temporary leave have also been rejected.

The request by WHO was submitted at the same time as the new shipments of WHO aid including medical supplies and equipment for the fight against coronavirus was delivered to Iran.

The families of some of the prisoners have reported that after the prisoners visit the medical ward, they are returned to their cells with painkillers.

One prisoner’s relative told Iran International: “The prison is disinfected with unknown solutions that have caused respiratory problems for the prisoners.”

On Thursday, a prisoner in Fashashuyeh prison told Iran International that many of the prisoners in that prison have contracted COVID-19 and due to lack of supplies and equipment, the prison officials have lost control of the crisis and there are daily reports of prisoners’ deaths.

There were previous reports of similar conditions from Qezel Hesar, Rajaei Shahr, Zanjan, and Urmia prisons.

Despite the release of 70000 prisoners on temporary leave, political prisoners are still not allowed to go on leave. Student activists, dissidents, journalists, online activists, and civil rights activists are still in prisons.


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