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Iran Human Rights organization: At least 324 killed in November protests

In its most recent report, Iran Human Rights organization announced that during the November country-wide protests in Iran, at least 324 citizens were killed and 10000 were arrested.

The report, published on Friday, states that the arrested protesters are held in terrible conditions and some of them are “under pressure for confession” and “it is probable that some of them will receive death sentences”.

According to the report, at least 14 of the casualties in the protests were children under 18.

Iran Human Rights states that such a level of violence by the Islamic Republic in response to popular protests is unprecedented in the past 30 years.

The organization also called for “the immediate reaction of the international community by forming a fact-finding committee in order to document the crimes committed, the release of the protesters, and prosecution of judges who committed such crimes.”

The spokesperson for the organization, Mahmoud Amiri Moghaddam, stated: “Lack of appropriate response by the international community will make way for bigger crimes by the Islamic Republic officials.”

He added: “Those who ordered and those who committed these crimes, from the leader of the Islamic Republic and officials who ordered the shootings, to people who shot at the protesters, they should all be held accountable.”

The Islamic Republic officials have refused to announce the official number of casualties 35 days after the protests.

Amnesty International had previously reported that at least 304 protesters were killed in November.


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