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Iran: France will not reveal content of Ukrainian plane’s black boxes

A few days after France completed the analysis of the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane that was shot down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Islamic Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that France will not publish the information. 

In his press conference on Monday, spokesperson for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Mousavi was asked: “What guarantees are there to prevent France from releasing the content of the black boxes to the media?” To which he responded: “The analysis of the black box is done based on rules and principles with the presence of all the countries involves, and I don’t think they would do such a thing. 

“They are obligated to extract all the data and provide it to the countries involved,” he added.

Despite his comments, when in Ukrainian media released the audio of the conversation between a pilot and the control tower in February, the Islamic Republic was not too pleased. 

In the audio file, a pilot tells the control tower that he has seen a missile hitting the plane and cause a huge explosion. 

The Ukrainian officials announced that the conversation proves that Iran was aware of the cause of the explosion at Flight 752 from the beginning. 

One Iranian official stated that this act by the Ukrainian media caused Iran not to provide the Ukrainians with any more evidence. 

The regime of Iran delayed the delivery of the black boxes to France for almost six months, claiming it was “to make sure the content of these black boxes is not misused.

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