INSTEX is not enough:

Iran to enrcih higher-grade uranium, breaching nuclear deal

On Sunday, Iranian officials announced their decision to increase their uranium enrichment level over 3.67 percent on Monday and breach another one of their main commitments to the nuclear deal.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic says the Islamic Republic’s decision to scale-back its compliance with the nuclear deal (JCPOA) is only reversible through the compliance of the European members of JCPOA.

The spokesperson for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Behruz Kamalvandi, said in a joint press conference with the deputy foreign minister Araghchi and the cabinet spokesperson Rabiei: “Based on the order from the president and the supreme security council, we had to take the second step today. There is no time limit for the second step. We will move past 3.67 percent enrichment by tomorrow.”

Araghchi stated: “If the Europeans had met our expectations through INSTEX or in other ways, we wouldn’t have taken the second step today. They did not take the necessary steps especially on the issue of oil export and returning the revenue.” He continued: “As long as INSTEX has no economic interest for Iran, it is not acceptable.”

According to the deputy foreign minister: “Americans can participate in the negotiations if they lift the sanctions. We will disappoint the United States in their maximum pressure campaign. They will have to return to the negotiation table.”

Araghchi added: “We prefer to announce the third step in 60 days.” He emphasized: “JCPOA is a closed case and there will be no more negotiations over it. It has to be implemented to the word.”

Foreign Minister Zarif Tweeted: “E3 have no pretexts to avoid a firm political stance to preserve JCPOA & counter U.S unilateralism.”


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