Iran: The disappeared oil tanker is being repaired in Iranian waters


After the disappearance of a small oil tanker “Riah” near the Strait of Hormuz, the spokesperson for the Islamic Republic’s ministry of foreign affairs, Abbas Mousavi, announced that the tanker was transferred to Iran “due to technical problems” and is being repaired.

“A foreign tanker faced some problems due to technical issues, and after its request for assistance, Iranian forces transferred it to Iranian waters with tugboats,” said Mousavi.

According to the spokesperson for Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs, “the tanker was transferred for some necessary repairs, the details of which will be announced soon.”

Several media outlets had reported the disappearance of the tanker near the Strait of Hormuz. It was initially announced that the tanker belongs to the United Arab Emirates, but a UAE official announced that “the tanker neither belongs to nor is being used by UAE and has never announced an emergency situation.”

According to the latest reports, the tanker was flying the Panama flag.




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