Iran’s State TV broadcasts Zam’s confessions

After it was announced that Rouhollah Zam, the admin of the popular opposition Telegram channel “Amad News” has been arrested by the IRGC, the state-TV channels started to broadcast images and videos of him after the arrest. In one of these videos, Zam expresses regret about his media activities and “trusting foreign countries” and says he must apologize to the “entirety of the regime” and hoped that “he can make up for “all that happened in the past three to four years.”

On Monday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released a statement announcing the arrest of Rouhollah Zam, the admin of Amad News, claiming that through a complicated and technical plan, the IRGC agents guided him inside the country and arrested him.

In on of the videos Zam is sitting in a car wearing a blindfold and in the other video, he is sitting on a chair next to a flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IRGC and talks to the camera.

The videos aired on different channels 20:30 program which is known for producing propaganda for security organizations.

In the video, Zam says: “I regret the issues in the media and my interviews. And trusting the [foreign] governments was a mistake. Especially the government of France…”

He continues: “I was arrested. I didn’t think I would be arrested. Overall, trusting [foreign] governments is a mistake. Especially those governments who don’t have good relations with the Islamic Republic, like the government of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.”

He emphasized: “Naturally, I have to apologize to the regime in its entirety for the events that occurred.”

As the news of Zam’s arrest was released, Amad News Telegram channel published the IRGC statement about Zam’s arrest, and it seems that the Revolutionary Guard now is in control of the channel.

Last year, the Islamic Republic’s state TV aired a documentary about Zam called “The Last Station of Lies” in which it seemed Zam had been compromised by IRGC agents and had been fed false information to publish.

After the documentary aired, in an interview with Iran International Zam apologized for publishing false reports.


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