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Iran’s regime claims 230 were killed in November massacre


Three days after the comments made by the Interior Minister about the number of protesters killed during the November massacre, MP Zonnour told the reporters that during the “November incidents” of 2019, two thousand protesters were injured and 230 protesters were killed.

MP Zonnour also claimed that 5000 police forces were injured, and 497 government buildings, 422 private vehicles, 230 government vehicles, and 569 police vehicles were set on fire.

He went on to say that 22 percent of the victims were “people with priors”, and added that seven percent were killed in armed combat, 16 percent while attacking police stations, 31 percent while attacking public locations, and 26 percent the cause unknown. However, the Minister of Interior claimed three days ago that 20 percent of the protesters were innocent and were killed with weapons that the police force does not use.

Amnesty International has confirmed names of over 300 protesters that were killed in November protests of 2019, and several news outlets including Reuters and several Human Rights organizations have reported that around 1500 protesters were massacred in November.

There is no official report on the number of arrested protesters, but the Minister of Interior demanded state-TV to broadcast their forced confessions.

Amnesty International has provided a detailed report on the killing of at least 304 men, women, and children during the November protests by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and said the security forces during these protests had the policy of shoot to kill, and it has speculated that the number of victims is most likely much higher.

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