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Iran’s Parliament Designates U.S Central Command as a Terrorist Organization

Iranian Parliament members passed the bill to designate U.S Central Command (Centcom) as a terrorist organization. Iran says this bill is a response to the designation of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization by the United States. The bill was passed with 173 votes for, 4 against, and 11 abstentions out of 215 MPs present.

Based on the bill, “The United States Central Command (Centcom) and all its forces, subsidiaries, and institutions under its control will be designated as terrorists, and any support for these forces in any form of military, intelligence, financial, technical, educational, supply, and services against the IRGC and the Islamic Republic will be considered a terrorist act.”

Also, the Islamic Republic’s ministry of intelligence and other intelligence organizations of the country are tasked with creating a list of all the Centcom commanders and all the organizations and institutions that it controls and support “terrorism” for the judiciary.

According to the bill, the Islamic Republic judiciary is also tasked with designing a process to prosecute and punish these “terrorists” based on Islamic Criminal law and other related laws.

The fifth article states that the government is obligated to offer support, legal and otherwise, to all the people and institutions who cooperate with the IRGC and are affected by their designations as a terrorist organization.

The bill also states that all the countries who follow or support the United States’ decision in any way, will receive retaliation. It also demands the intelligence ministry to provide the names of all the people who were involved in the decision to designate IRGC as a terrorist group and deliver it to the judiciary.


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