Iran’s Interior Ministry: We were not responsible for the November massacre


After MP Ali Motahari blamed the Interior Ministry for the massacre of Iranian citizens across the country during the November protests, in a letter to the parliament, the Interior Ministry rejected Motahari’s claim and threatened him with a lawsuit.

The letter which was read on the floor of the parliament on Monday states: “There have been extensive and multidimensional assessments of the involved institutions and in none of the assessments the Ministry of Interior has been found responsible.”

The ministry said that Motahari’s claims require evidence and documents and threatened that if he does not provide evidence for his claims the ministry will follow the matter through judicial channels.

In his speech at the parliament last Tuesday, while referring to the massacre of Iranian citizens during the November protests across the country, Motahari had blamed the Ministry of Interior as “the main culprit”.

In its letter, the Ministry also mentioned the members of parliament taking back their initial signatures to impeach the Minister of Interior, Abulreza Rahmani Fazli.

But Motahari had also mentioned the issue, and criticized Ali Larijani, the speaker of the parliament for preventing the impeachment and said: “Then they say the parliament is incompetent. Well, they don’t let us do our job.”

In response to Motahari’s comments, MP Zolnour rejected the responsibility of the Minister of Interior in the November massacre and said that the Minister “did nothing but obeying the orders of the president and the Supreme Council of National Security”.

Previously, in response to a question from a representative of Alborz province about the ministry forces shooting the protesters in the head in his province, the Minister of Interior responded: “Well they were also shot in the legs.”

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