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Iran’s government: News coverage of Blue Girl was unfair

Ali Rabiei, the spokesperson for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran says the coverage of the suicide of Sahar Khodayari, known as the blue girl, was biased.

In his weekly press conference, Rabiei said: “The atmosphere and analysis surrounding this issue was mostly biased.”

Regarding women entering the stadium on Monday for the Iran-Cambodia match, the government spokesman said: “There will be tickets sold and it is not going to be selective. Today we need gender policies and we cannot ignore it anymore.”

However, two days after the death of Sahar Khodayari, Vaezi, President Rouhani’s chief of staff said: “With the current atmosphere where football fans of different teams curse at each other and there are altercations, presence of women in stadiums is not expedient.” Even though at the same time Rabiei said that “the government approves of women’s presence in stadiums, and according to the Minister of Sport’s report, the infrastructures such as separate entrance, sitting area, and bathrooms are available in stadiums. There are no stadiums that do not have such infrastructures.”

In the past, in order to appease FIFA, the Islamic Republic had selectively invited female relatives of regime’s officials to a game.

No meeting between Rouhani and Trump

Rabiei also addressed the rumors about a possible meeting between Presidents Trump and Rouhani during the UN general assembly. According to Rabiei: “If the current conditions continue, there is no possibility of meeting between the two presidents.”

“From Iran’s point of view, lifting all the sanctions that the US has imposed since leaving the nuclear deal is a necessary condition for constructive diplomacy,” Rabiei said.

Rabiei once again denied the Islamic Republic’s role in the attacks against Saudi Arabian oil facilities, claiming “everyone in the region will be hurt by this and no one will benefit.”




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