Human Rights activists: The regime is responsible for Shir-Mohammad Ali's murder

30 human rights activists have signed a letter condemning the murder of Alireza Shir Mohammadi in Fashafooye Prison.

They hold the Islamic Republic responsible for his murder and have warned against minimizing his murder to an act by “a few lower ranking agents of the regime”.

In a report published in Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Iran’s chief prison warden, Asghar Jahangir, has declared that two dangerous criminals murdered Alireza Shirmohammadi stabbing him 30 times by “cracked tiles” in Fashafooye Prison.

The 21-year-old political prisoner was arrested in June 2018 for internet activism. In a preliminary hearing, he had been sentenced to 8 years in prison for “anti-regime propaganda”, “insulting the supreme leader”, and “blasphemy”.

As mentioned by the chief prison warden, “attacking and wounding Alireza Shir Mohammad Ali lasted 90 seconds and the guards transferred him to the infirmary immediately”.

Earlier, in a TV interview with the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, the Chief Justice of Iran, Ebrahim Raissi, confirmed the prison guards’ mishandling in relation to Alireza Shir Mohammad Ali and announced that “the responsible officials will be removed promptly”. He also declared “we, too, demand justice for the death of this family’s son”.

Another section of this letter reads: “killing political and conscience prisoners in the Islamic Republic's prisons are as old as the fascist regime itself and it has increased over the past few years. The Judicial System of Iran contributes directly and indirectly to the death of political and conscience prisoners.”

This letter remembers Sattar Beheshti, Akbar Mohammadi, Hoda Saber, and Vahid Sayadi Nassiri, prisoners who lost their lives as a result of “intentional neglect from the guards and their superiors”.

The letter’s signatories have raised their “deep concern” regarding “the conditions for political and conscience prisoners” in the Islamic Republic. They have sought every international and human rights organization and political, civil and human rights activists “to be the voice of obscure prisoners and support them and carry their message to the rest of the world and not to stop revealing the true face of this corrupt regime which violates human rights.”

Sina Ghanbari, Saro Ghahramani, Zahra Kazemi, and Kavoos Seyed Emami are among the political and conscience prisoners who were murdered in the Islamic Republic’s prisons.

A week ago, some of the political prisoners held in Rajai Shahr prison, signed a letter and asked Alireza Shir Mohammad Ali’s family and all human rights activists “not to keep silent” about the murdering of this political prisoner.

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