Funeral attendees chant against the regime

Heavy presence of security forces at the funerals of plane crash victims

During the funerals of some of the Iranian citizens killed in the Ukrainian plane crash in several cities of Iran, despite the heavy presence of the IRGC and security forces, the attendees began chanting against the Islamic Republic.

According to the videos published on Thursday, January 16 on social media, in Isfahan, the attendees at the funerals of some of the victims began chanting “shameless, shameless” against the regime.

Based on the reports on Twitter, in Isfahan, security forces tried to drown their voices by blasting Quran from loudspeakers while the civilian-clothing militia present at the area chanted “Salavat”.

In Sanandaj city, a number of attendees at the funeral of Aida Farzaneh and Arvin Morattab, chanted in Persian and Kurdish: “Mother, don’t mourn your beloved child, we will avenge her; death to dictator; Khamenei is a murderer, his leadership is void; death to Rouhani; they killed our elites, left mullahs in their place; we didn’t sacrifice lives in order to compromise, and praise the douchebag leader.”

According to the videos on social media from other cities like Qom, Hamedan, Zanjan, Malayer, Sabzevar, Taft Yazd, and Gorgan, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces had a heavy presence in all the funerals of the victims of Ukrainian plane crash.

In the city of Qom, some fundamentalist university students tried to force the attendees of a funeral to walk over an American flag.

Iranian social media users heavily criticized the presence of security forces at these funerals.


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