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Ghadyani: Lifelong Rule Is the Source of All Corruptions


Political activist Abolfazl Ghadyani, published an essay regarding the intensification of the “economic, social, and political crisis” in Iran, and said: “to the same amount, people’s opposition to the oppressive theocracy and its leader Ali Khamenei becomes deeper and broader.”

Ghadyani states that in these situations, “the security apparatus of the oppressive regime become more scared and their only solution is more oppression. This is the eternal fear of losing power, a stolen power which is tied to the life of the tyrant.”

Ghadyani, who was arrested in the events after the 2009 election, points out the “concentration of power in the hands of the supreme leader” and says: “By not being overseen and with his lifelong power, he has fused corruption of power within the society.”

He added: “In order to cover its undemocratic face and lower the domestic and foreign pressures, the ruling tyranny has no choice but to have elections, but it castrates the election through the arbitrary oversight and qualification process of the Guardian Council. Breaking the hold of the Guardian Council is to break the back of tyranny, and that is why anyone who opposes their process is severely dealt with.”

He also said that the evidence shows that Farshid Hakki’s murder was political, and he compared it to the same method that the regime used in the 1990s by murdering intellectual dissidents.

He condemned the arrest of environmental activists and the Gonabadi Dervishes, and called the murder of Kavous Seyed Emami in prison “easily wasting the valuable human resources of our country”.

He mentioned the specific case of Alireza Golipour, who “was arrested several months ago and kept in solitary. He has been tortured severely and has epilepsy, and now he has got cancer.”

He believes that: “We should not hesitate to state the fact that the ultimate culprit responsible for such violations committed by the security and judicial forces, is the tyrant himself.”

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