Gasoline rationing begins in Iran; price increases by 300 percent


The National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company released a statement announcing the implementation of gasoline beginning on Friday, November 15.

According to the statement, the price of subsidized petrol will be 1500 tomans per liter, and the price of one liter of non-subsidized petrol will be 3000 tomans. Each month, private cars will receive 60 liters of subsidized gasoline, gasoline-burning taxis receive 200 liters, hybrid taxis 200 liters, and motorcycles receive 25 liters of subsidized gasoline.

The announcement reads: “In accordance with the agreement passed by the supreme council of economic cooperation of the three branches of government, the rationing will begin on midnight Friday for all vehicles that consume gasoline.

The price of premium gasoline is set at 3500 tomans per liter.

Rations will be charged to consumers’ personal fuel card on Friday and can accumulate up to six months.

The price of CNG and gas oil will not change. Government vehicles will not receive rations and must purchase gasoline at regular price.

Online App-based transportation vehicles will also receive rations.

Before the rationing, the price of gasoline was 1000 tomans per liter, and according to the announcement, the rationed gasoline price is 50 percent higher, while the regular gasoline price has increased by 300 percent.

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