Exclusive: Rouhani claims Iran can export test kits, labs complain of shortage | Iran International

Exclusive: Rouhani claims Iran can export test kits, labs complain of shortage

Iran International has received a correspondence between the Laboratory Association of Mazandaran province and the chairman of Laboratories at the Ministry of Health, Siamak Samiei, in which they state that the medical personnel of the province is facing a shortage of test kits, while President Rouhani has boasted that there is no shortage of tests in the country and Iran can export test kits.

The letter also points out “the massive loss of life in Mazandaran province” and demands COVID19 tests.

Three days after receiving this letter, Samiei said in a press conference: “We are facing a different shortage every day and we must find a way to provide it.”

While the Lab Association requests test kits and the Ministry of Health confirms the shortage, in his Wednesday press conference, President Rouhani claimed that the domestic demand for test kits and disinfectants has been met and talked about Iran’s capability in exporting test kits.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Bazargan city customs agency announced that a shipment of coronavirus test kits worth 444000Euros has entered the country.

Before Rouhani, his deputy of science and technology, Sourena Sattari had also claimed that Iran’s medical equipment and test kits are getting ready to be exported.

The chairman of the health department at the Ministry of Defence had also claimed that Iran is producing 30000 test kits a day and is ready to export.


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