Exclusive: Document of engineering coronavirus stats in Iran | Iran International

Exclusive: Document of engineering coronavirus stats in Iran

A document that Iran International has received shows that in some of Iran’s provinces, up to 70 percent of positive coronavirus tests have not been documented in the Hospital Information System (HIS) of the Ministry of Health and reported officially.

According to the document, the patients’ information in MCMC was also documented with 3 to 20 days delay.

The document shows that in all provinces, positive results for a significant number of patients have not been documented. Qom province with 27 percent and Lorestan with 70 percent have the lowest and highest number of undocumented cases of coronavirus. This means that in Lorestan province, out of every three coronavirus cases, two have not been documented.

Another part of the document indicates that the documentation of the patients’ information was delayed from three to 20 days.

The third part of the document shows that most provinces in Iran are in undesirable condition.

Previously, there were reports that indicated doctors and hospitals are ordered to document “severe respiratory illness” for positive coronavirus tests.

The efforts by the Ministry of Health to engineer the numbers has caused arguments and official correspondence between officials.

A member of Tehran’s city council stated that the refusal of the officials to report the correct information is “participation in premeditated murder”.

After that, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance wrote a letter to the chairman of the Tehran city council and asked members of the council not to announced any stats that contradict the coronavirus taskforce’s reports.

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