Exclusive: 11 Coronavirus deaths in Iran | Iran International

Exclusive: 11 Coronavirus deaths in Iran

 Based on the reports that Iran International has received, so far, eight coronavirus patients have died in Qom city’s Kamkar-Arabnia hospital with two hospital personnel in intensive care, and one woman passed away from coronavirus in Qom’s Imam Reza hospital.

According to these reports, Qom’s Beheshti hospital with 2100 personnel has distributed 200 L95 masks among them.

The sources told Iran International that several cases of coronavirus have been spotted in Mashhad city and two patients have died of the virus in the northern provinces of Iran. Iranian officials have not commented on these cases.

The chief of medicine in Kamkar-Arabnia hospital in Qom has announced that until further notice, only viral infection specialists are allowed in the hospital’s clinic.

Previously, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health had confirmed two deaths in Qom city.

In Babol city, two patients suspected of coronavirus have been quarantined.




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