Despite crackdown, protests continue in Iran: Audience messages to Iran International

According to the messages and reports that Iran International has received from Iranians across the country, despite the heavy presence of security forces in many cities and a country-side Internet blackout, the anti-regime protests continue in Iran.

On journalist in Tehran reported that the protests have intensified despite the Internet blackout.

A citizen in Tehran’s Sattar Khan street reported: “Protests began since 7:00 am in Sadeghiyeh square and crowds of people have gathered. Our numbers are increasing, and when the schools close, we will use the opportunity for a demonstration.”

According to another citizen, there’s a heavy security presence in Tehran’s market: “They have brought forces that we had never seen before. All the different armed forces are in the streets with equipment. The streets are filled with security forces.”

A resident of Tehransar said: “People attacked the banks. All the stores in the main street are closed. There are swarms of police and militia in the streets. The militia forces are shooting directly at balconies. Teargas is flying around. People are burning tires to neutralize the effect of teargas.”

Reports indicate heavy clashes between the security forces and protesters in Islamshahr on Sunday night.

Other cities

One security official has reported 30 arrests in Shiraz.

One Shirazi citizen told Iran International: “Despite people’s chants asking for support from the police and giving them flowers last night in Moali Abad, the security forces attacked the crowd.”

Shiraz University has announced that all the classes are canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One citizen in Isfahan says: “Last night there were clashes between security forces and protesters in most of the cities around Isfahan. Today there’s a heavy presence of security forces and schools are closed. There is a mass general strike.”

Videos show protesters in Isfahan setting fire to a billboard of Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic.

All the schools in Isfahan city, Natanz, and several other cities in Isfahan province are closed on Monday.

In the north of Iran, there are reports of sporadic protests and clashes. One citizen from Rasht reported: “There is a heavy presence of security forces in the city. No Internet. Too many security forces. The same conditions have been reported from the city of Ahvaz in the south. One Ahvazi resident reports: “Shooting continued all night in Kian Pars area. Several people were injured. They were also shooting teargas.”

One citizen of Behbahan city said: “No banks and gas stations were left unharmed. The regime shut down all businesses and positioned security forces.”

On Monday, journalist Javad Heidarian reported that his cousin was killed in the protests in Behbahan.

People in Masjed Soleyman say the security forces were shooting at the legs of the protesters.

From the west of Iran, a citizen in Kermanshah says all schools were closed without any explanation. Another resident of Kermanshah reported heavy clashes and huge crowds of protesters.

According to a report from Bukan city, protesters set fire to four banks and the police stations in the city.

Based on the regime’s own press, there were protests in over 100 locations in Iran.

There are no official reports about the number of casualties, but unofficial reports indicate that at least 40 protesters have been killed.

Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic called the protesters “thugs” and “vindictive” and “malignant people” and warned against the continuation of protests.





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