Concerns about secret execution of five prisoners sentenced to death in Isfahan | Iran International

Concerns about secret execution of five prisoners sentenced to death in Isfahan


After the five incarcerated 2017 protesters who are under the death sentence lost their phone privileges, Iran Human Rights Organization warned about the secret execution of these five prisoners.

The relatives of the five prisoners in Isfahan’s central prison gathered in front of this prison on Wednesday and demanded information about their loved ones. 

At the same time, Iran Human Rights Organization reported that there is heavy security in Nikbakht city in Isfahan, where the five protesters live, and the comments made by some officials has made the families strongly concerned about the possibility of secret executions of the prisoners.

Mahmoud Amiri Moghaddam, the director of Iran Human Rights Organization emphasized: “We strongly condemn the use of execution as a method to suppress protesters and create fear in society and urge the international community to pressure Iran’s regime to stop these executions. 

The death sentences of the five prisoners who were arrested during the 2017 protests, Mehdi Salehi, Mohammad Bastami, Majid Nazari Kondore, Hadi Kiani, and Abbas Mohammadi, was confirmed by the Supreme Court five days ago.

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