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Arrests continue in Iran with charges of blocking the streets

With the Iranian security officials pledging revenge against the protesters, the mass incarceration of protesters in Tehran and other cities continue with the citizens being charged with “creating traffic” and “blocking the roads”.

On Tuesday, the police chief of Shiraz announced the arrests of eight individuals for emptying building material in Shiraz streets with a truck. Raham Bakhsh Habibi said that these individuals were identified and arrested after some intelligence and police work.

Three other protesters were arrested in Tehran on Sunday and Monday for blocking the streets and creating traffic. One Tehran police official called the arrested individuals “thugs” who “created fear” for the citizens during the protests by making noise.

The arrests continue in Tehran and other cities while the officials are yet to release the exact number of the identities of arrested citizens.

The chairman of the national security committee in the parliament, Hossein Naghavi Hosseini, has announced that around 7000 thousand protesters have been arrested so far. Previously, Iran Human Rights Campaign had estimated this number to be around 4000.

Hossein Salami, the commander in chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) recently said in a speech during the state-planned demonstrations in support of the regime that the regime will not leave anything unanswered and “we will settle the scores with everyone.”

The chairman of Ray city council recently said the prisons were already overcrowded before the recent incidents and they are completely out of capacity now.


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