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Amnesty International: Iran’s Regime Sees Any Activism as a Crime


Amnesty International says that the regime of Iran has used its Islamic criminal laws to criminalize the activities of all civil rights organizations and their employees.

According to Amnesty International’s report, this criminalization is not limited to independent human rights organizations, but it expands to unofficial networks and even campaigns such as the “gradual abolition of the death sentence”.

According to Amnesty, the descriptions provided for these crimes are against the principles of law, and they are so vague and unclear that they actually allow the officials to use them arbitrarily.

In other parts of the report, Amnesty criticizes some of the governments in the world for putting certain laws in place in order to suppress NGOs or threaten them.

The Amnesty Report is published two weeks after the Reporters Without Borders revealed the misinformation in the data provided by the Islamic Republic Judiciary.

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