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Amnesty International Asks U.N to Investigate 1988 Massacre

Amnesty International published a report about the massacre of 1988 in Iran, and asked the “United Nations to start an independent and comprehensive investigation about the extrajudicial executions and opposition disappearances as crimes that have remained unpunished for three decades.”

In the report, Amnesty International accuses the Islamic Republic authorities of “keeping the fate and burial place of thousands of its dissidents and oppositions secret for over three decades, and is still committing crimes against humanity.”

The report also refers to the position of the Islamic Republic officials regarding the mass executions of 1988: “The fact that the authorities and officials of the Islamic Republic still refuse to recognize these massacres to this day, means the crime of disappearing the opposition is still ongoing.”

Amnesty emphasizes that “as long as the Islamic Republic does not inform families of the victims about the burial places of their loved ones, it means they are still committing crimes against humanity.”

In the Summer of 1988, thousands of political prisoners were executed and secretly buried. To this day, 4672 of them have been identified. Most researchers believe the actual numbers are much higher.

Ayatollah Khomeini, the supreme leader of the time issued the order of these executions, saying: “Any prisoner around the country who still insists on being divisive, is the enemy of God and condemned to death.”

In its 200 page report, Amnesty International asks that all the people involved in these crimes and their cover-up must be on trial.”



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