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Ambiguity over the number of protesters arrested in Iran

Although the regime of Iran has not released the official number of the protesters arrested during the country-wide protests in November, several Human Rights organizations have estimated that the number is around 4000.

In the first days of the protests, Fars News Agency, close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), reported 1000 arrests in 100 locations across the country.

Iran Human Rights Campaign has reported that the most reliable sources of the organization have reported at least 2755 arrests by the security forces, however, the organization clarifies, the number is most likely around 4000.

The spokesperson for Iran’s judiciary has confirmed the wide-spread arrests, and announced that those arrested will be screened and divided based on “street arrests” and “intelligent arrests”.

The numbers announced by the officials in the past week were related to individuals referred to as leaders or heads of networks of protesters.

There are hundreds of reports about the arrests of political and civil rights activists especially in Iran’s Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, and Lur regions. Aside from those, dozens of Human rights, political, student, and online activists and journalists have been arrested in Tehran and across the country, either individually or as groups.

In one case, security forces used ambulances to enter the University of Tehran and transferred the arrested students on the ambulances. In another case, it was reported that the bodies of some people killed in the protests were moved in trucks with meat freezers.

Islamic Republic officials have tied the arrested protesters to monarchists, MEK, separatists, and even ISIS.


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