118 protesters killed in Karaj city by November 18: Iran International Exclusive | Iran International

118 protesters killed in Karaj city by November 18: Iran International Exclusive

Reliable sources and human rights activists have told Iran International that 4 hospitals in Karaj city held bodies of 118 protesters killed by security forces by Sunday, November 17.

The sources also said that the agents of the Intelligence Ministry transferred bodies of 36 dead protesters from a hospital in Tehran using meat freezers.

According to the report, Intelligence agents have asked the families of the killed protesters to pay 40 million tomans to the government in order to receive the bodies of their loved ones. They were also told they are not allowed to hold a funeral or talk to the media.

Previously, Amnesty International announced that the number of casualties was at least 106 across the country, but added that the real number could be much higher.

Iran’s mission to the UN, Alireza MirYousefi, claimed that these numbers provided by Amnesty are made up and the allegations are baseless.





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