Women’s cycling race canceled in Qom due to pressures

The women’s cycling race that was supposed to be held in Qom city has been canceled due to “some pressures”. The race had received all the necessary permits and was supposed to be held in a “women only, confined space”.

 According to IRNA, despite having all the permits, the event was canceled due to some pressures under the excuse of “undermining the religious status of Qom city.”




Fariba Adelkhah has been hospitalized in Evin prison


Fariba Adelkhah, the Iranian French researcher who has been incarcerated in Iran since May, was hospitalized in Evin prison’s medical ward due to her health deterioration as a result of a hunger strike.

Her attorney, Saeed Dehghan, said that her kidneys have been damaged because of the hunger strike and her condition is concerning.

Adelkhah has been accused of acts against national security along with Roland Marshall, another French researcher.

Deputy Health Minister Harirchi has tested positive for coronavirus

Iraj Hariri, who is in charge of containing the spread of coronavirus in Iran, has confirmed that he tested positive for the virus the day after he assured the public that the disease is “almost stable in the country.”

In a video released on Tuesday, Harirchi confirms that he has had the symptoms since the day before and has isolated himself after receiving the test results.


WHO expressed concerns about the spread of coronavirus in Iran

With the official report of 18 more cases of coronavirus in Iran and four dead (11 in unofficial reports), the World Health Organization expressed concerns about the spread of the disease in Iran. The director of WHO announced that medical officials are receiving the information about the patients in Iran, “but we must be in closer contact with them”.

He added that the health officials around the world still have time to control the spread of the virus: “This window of opportunity is still open but it is closing.”



Iraqi Airways suspends its flights to and from Iran

Due to the spread of coronavirus in Iran, Iraqi Airways announced that all its flights to and from Iran have been suspended.

Iraq’s Ministry of Interior issued a statement forbidding Iraqi citizens from traveling to Iran.

According to Iran International’s sources, so far 11 patients have died of coronavirus in Iran.


32 stores in Qom city punished for selling Valentine related items

The Qom city Judiciary announced that 32 stores in the city have been punished for selling Valentine related items. According to IRNA, these stores were identified as “promoters of anti-Islamic-Iranian culture” by the agents of the judiciary’s Reduction of Social Harms unit.

The statement made by the judiciary claims the punishment was due to the popular demand.


Trump: Senator Murphy might have violated Logan Act by meeting Zarif

President Trump, in response to the news of a secret meeting between Senator Murphy and Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic, said that that the meeting might have violated the Logan Act.

The Logan Act criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized American citizens with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. It intends to prevent unauthorized negotiations from undermining the government's position.