UN Report Shows Iran’s Illegal Support of Houthis in Yemen

According to an expert report by the United Nations, Iran’ is illegally supplying Houthis in Yemen with fuel and oil.  

Based on the report, Houthis in Yemen sell the Iranian oil to pay for the war. This illegal supply of oil to Houthis by Iran could be in violation of international laws by both sides. Iran has not responded to the report yet.

In 2014, Houthis who were backed by Iran overthrew the government of Yemen and started shooting Iranian rockets into Saudi Arabia which started a war in that region that continues to this day.

The report states that by selling Iranian oil, Houthis are generating $30 million dollars in revenues each month.


The Iranian army calls the protests “a conspiracy”


The army of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement regarding the recent events in Iran, calling them a “new conspiracy by the anti-revolutionaries”. The statement says the protesters are either mercenaries or people tricked by the satanic media who have risen against the Islamic Revolution.

The army has expressed content with the attempts by the security forces to silence the conspiracy and added that it will stand against any aggression by the enemies.

Commander Bagheri: Warsaw Summit Is Insignificant


Mohammad Bagheri, the commander of Islamic Republic’s joint armed forces called the Warsaw summit “Insignificant and pointless” and said: “Whether negative things are said about Iran or not in this summit, it will have no effect on the actions and strength of the Islamic Republic.”

He also claimed: “Poland has promised that nothing will be said against Iran in Warsaw summit.”

Warsaw summit will be held on February 13th and 14th.

Russia: Iran Has the Right to Its Missile Program

Russia says Iran has the right to develop its missile technology.

According to Sputnik, the chairman of Russia’s non-proliferation department says that in accordance with the Security Council’s resolution, Russia will not provide Iran with missile technology.

But he stressed that the security council’s resolution has not barred Iran from developing its own technology. He also stated that Russia has also refused to cooperate with North Korea in this field.

Defense Attorney Sentenced to Six Years in Prison


Masoud Shamsnejad, attorney and former professor was sentenced to six years in prison by the 3rd branch of the Urmia Revolutionary Court. He has been charged with propaganda against the regime and membership in a dissident Kurdish group.

According to HRANA, he received this sentence while in prison. He was arrested on January 8th and was transferred to Urmia prison after interrogation.

In recent years many attorneys have been arrested, tried, and in some cases received long-term prison sentences.

Bolton: The Islamic Republic Has Failed

John Bolton, national security adviser to President Trump tweeted today that: “After 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed to fulfill its promises to uphold and safeguard the rights of its citizens. The 40th anniversary of the Iranian regime only serves to highlight four decades of failure and broken promises.”

Dozens of Citizens and Activists Arrested in Khuzestan

Some news sources have reported over dozens of citizens and civil rights activists arrested in Khuzestan province.

According to HRANA, the arrests were made while the minister of intelligence, Mahmoud Alavi, was visiting the province.

On Thursday, Alavi announced that members of many teams that planned on undermining the security in the region have been identified and arrested.