UN Report Shows Iran’s Illegal Support of Houthis in Yemen

According to an expert report by the United Nations, Iran’ is illegally supplying Houthis in Yemen with fuel and oil.  

Based on the report, Houthis in Yemen sell the Iranian oil to pay for the war. This illegal supply of oil to Houthis by Iran could be in violation of international laws by both sides. Iran has not responded to the report yet.

In 2014, Houthis who were backed by Iran overthrew the government of Yemen and started shooting Iranian rockets into Saudi Arabia which started a war in that region that continues to this day.

The report states that by selling Iranian oil, Houthis are generating $30 million dollars in revenues each month.


Shiraz city councilman sentenced to prison for supporting Bahai citizens


Zohreh Rastegari, the wife of Shiraz city councilman Mehdi Hajati reported that security agents arrested her husband and transferred him to prison to serve his one-year sentence.

According to IRNA, Hajati was tried and convicted for following up on the conditions of two incarcerated Bahai citizens in Shiraz.

He was initially banned from attending the city council meeting for months and was later sentenced to one year in prison.