UN Report Shows Iran’s Illegal Support of Houthis in Yemen

According to an expert report by the United Nations, Iran’ is illegally supplying Houthis in Yemen with fuel and oil.  

Based on the report, Houthis in Yemen sell the Iranian oil to pay for the war. This illegal supply of oil to Houthis by Iran could be in violation of international laws by both sides. Iran has not responded to the report yet.

In 2014, Houthis who were backed by Iran overthrew the government of Yemen and started shooting Iranian rockets into Saudi Arabia which started a war in that region that continues to this day.

The report states that by selling Iranian oil, Houthis are generating $30 million dollars in revenues each month.


Isfahan Councilman Banned from Attending City Council Meetings

Mehdi Moghadari, city councilman from Isfahan was sentenced to 6 month ban from attending city council meetings.
Moghadari says the sentence was in response to his comment in city council, when he said "tear gas in not an appropriate response to teachers' gathering."

President Rouhani Threatens to Develop More Efficient Centrifuges

Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited an exhibition of “Nuclear Technology” in Tehran.

Iranian media have reported “105 new nuclear achievements in different areas and industries including exploration, fuel cycle, technical, laser improvement, reactor, excavation, and medical” in this exhibition.

In a video call, Rouhani ordered the “implementation of 4 achievements” including “a chain of 20 centrifuges and semi-industrial production of IR-6 centrifuges, the national center of vacuum technology, and enrichment management” in Isfahan and two centers in Natanz and one in Fardo.

In his speech addressing the U.S, Rouhani stated: “If until yesterday, you were afraid of IR-1 centrifuges, today we broke ground for a chain of twenty IR-6 centrifuges, and if you persist on your injustice and cruelty, in a near future you will witness IR-8 centrifuges.”


Civil Rights Activist Goes on Hunger Strike in Prison

Mehdi Koukhian, a civil rights activist from Azarbaijan, went on hunger strike in protest to his arrest and conditions in prison. He is the admin of “Shahre Khabare Malekan” channel on Telegram.

According to HRANA, Koukhian called his family on Tuesday from prison and informed them that he has gone on hunger strike.

Netanyahu Thanks President Trump for his Decision on IRGC

Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, thanked president Trump on his Twitter page for designating IRGC as a terrorist organization:

"Thank you, President Trump, for your decision to designate the Islamic revolutionary guards as a terrorist organization. Once again you are keeping the world safe from Iran aggression and terrorism.”


EU Council Extends Sanctions Against Islamic Republic Over Human Rights Violations

The EU Council extended its sanctions on the Islamic Republic over human rights violations for one more year.

The sanctions include travel ban and freezing the assets of 82 individuals and one organization. Also, exporting equipment to Iran that can be used for domestic suppression or monitoring communications is also banned.

The EU sanctions were first imposed in 2012.