Trump once again says he is willing to meet with Rouhani

President Trump once again talked about the possibility of meeting with his Iranian counterpart, President Rouhani.

Hours after Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed a new Iranian secret nuclear site, President Trump told the reporters at the White House on Monday that in his opinion he has no problem meeting with President Rouhani and such a meeting can take place.

Last Wednesday, Trump talked about the possibility of meeting with Rouhani during the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

Rouhani previously rejected the possibility of a meeting with Trump in a phone conversation with President Macron of France.


Saudi Arabia: Iranian Weapons Used in Aramco Attacks

In two separate letters to the secretary-general of the United Nations and president of the UN Security Council, Saudi Arabia said the attacks on its oil facilities were “organized terrorist attacks” and the weapons used were Iranian.

The letter states that “all indications are that the weapons used in the Aramco attack are Iranian.”

Saudi Arabia said it will take measures to respond to the attacks in accordance with international law, and called on the UN and international experts to participate in the investigation into the attack.



France: Houthis claim over attack on Saudi oil facilities is not credible

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the foreign minister of France says the Houthis claiming responsibility of the attacks against Saudi oil facilities lacks credibility.

He said in a TV interview on Thursday: “Houthis have announced that they are responsible for these attacks. Their claim lacks credibility.”

Le Drian added: “There is an international investigation in progress, we will wait for its results.”


Evidence of Iran’s involvement in attacks on Saudi Arabia will be presented to UN

According to France News Agency, an American official says the United States will present the evidence of the use of cruise missiles in recent attacks against Saudi Arabia to the United Nations.

It was previously reported that the attacks against Saudi oil facilities were done using 20 drones and at least 10 cruise missiles.

The United States, Saudi Arabia, and its allies claim Iran-made weapons have been used in these attacks.


NPR: U.S Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead of Attack on Saudi Facilities


Two American officials told NPR that US surveillance satellites detected Iran readying drones and missiles at launch sites in Iran before Saudi oil facilities were attacked on Saturday.

The images have not been released to the public. According to the officials, US intelligence considers the activity as “circumstantial evidence.”

US Defense Department has sent a forensic team to Saudi Arabia to examine the wreckage of drones and missiles used in the attack.

10 Iraqi members of Iran-backed militia killed in Syria

Ten Iraqi members of an Iran-backed militia were killed in an airstrike near their position in the east of Syria close to the Iraqi border.

According to Syria Human Rights Watch on Tuesday, the attacks targeted three positions of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its militia allies.

It is not yet clear which group or country is responsible for the attacks.

Recently Israel has repeatedly targeted Iranian bases and its proxies in the region.



Taliban delegation in Tehran


According to reports, a Taliban delegation has met with Islamic Republic of Iran's officials in Tehran. The members of the Taliban political office arrived in Tehran after they visited Moscow.

Last week President Trump announced that the talks between the US and Taliban are dead after the terrorist attack by the Taliban in Kabul.

US confirms that attacks on Saudi oil facilities were not launched from Iraq

In a phone conversation with Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi of Iraq, the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the attacks against Saudi oil facilities were not launched from Iraqi soil.

The office of the prime minister announced: “The US Secretary of States stated that they have intelligence which confirms the Iraqi government's claim that the attack did not originate from Iraqi soil.”

The Iraqi government declared on Sunday that the attacks did not originate from Iraq, and warned that any country that tries to use Iraqi soil for an attack in the region will be punished.