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Taliban delegation in Tehran


According to reports, a Taliban delegation has met with Islamic Republic of Iran's officials in Tehran. The members of the Taliban political office arrived in Tehran after they visited Moscow.

Last week President Trump announced that the talks between the US and Taliban are dead after the terrorist attack by the Taliban in Kabul.

Bodies of 24 drowned Afghan refugees found in Van lake in Turkey

Afghanistan’s embassy in Turkey reported that the bodies of 24 Afghan refugees who drowned in Van lake three weeks ago have been identified and some of them are children.

According to the Interior Minister of Turkey, the boat that drowned in Van lake was carrying 55 to 60 refugees and at least five people were arrested in connection to the incident. Most of the refugees were Iranian and Afghan.

Chief of Iran’s Judiciary: Propaganda has no impact on our decision


In an indirect response to the recent Iranian worldwide trending hashtag against execution #اعدام_نکنید (don’t execute), Ebrahim Raisi, the chief of Iran’s judiciary stated that the judiciary’s red line is the “unrest”, and said propaganda has no effect on the judiciary’s behavior.

He added: “We differentiate between protests and unrest. We believe protests must be heard but our red line is unrest and disrupting the public order.”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry: We have warned South Korea to return our frozen money

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic stated that Iran has issued the necessary warnings to South Korea to return Iran’s frozen money.

Previously the President of Iran’s Central Bank had threatened to “take legal actions in accordance with international law,” if the matter is not resolved.

The amount is estimated at about nine billion dollars.

Iranian MP: Drones responsible for recent attacks against Iranian facilities

Iranian MP Ardeshir Motahari tweeted that the “other side” is using unidentified drones for attacks and does not take responsibility for its actions in order to avoid our heavy retaliation.

He added: We will take revenge in time, and will accept the responsibility for it. Time for hit and runs has passed.

Iran had previously announced that the regime knows exactly what caused the incident in Natanz facilities but it will not be announced due to security considerations.


Governor of Qom reported shortage of masks in Qom pharmacies

Morteza Heidati, the Governor of Qom city said although 13 units are manufacturing masks in the province, currently the pharmacies in Qom province are facing a shortage of masks.

Heidari said: “People are going to the pharmacies but the pharmacies have a shortage of masks and this problem must be solved with the help of the officials