Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was released from prison with electronic ankle bracelet for two weeks

Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe, the Iranian-British citizen incarcerated in Evin prison was released for two weeks with an electronic ankle bracelet due to the concerns over the coronavirus outbreak in Iranian prisons.

She had previously informed her family about the coronavirus outbreak in prison and said that some of the prisoners had contracted the disease. She had also complained about the lack of medical care in prison.




Two Iranians in Oshnavieh killed in Turkish airstrike on Iraqi border

The governor of Oshnavieh city on the border with Iraq confirmed the deaths of two Iranian citizens during the bombardment of Iraqi heights by the Turkish army. He said the two died inside the Iraqi border and there was no trespassing on Iranian soil. According to local sources, the two Kurdish Iranian citizens were identified as Fakher Tazeh Vared, and Rashid Beiruti. The families of the 35 and 36 years old men have not been able to retrieve the bodies yet.


Iran ranked 173 in freedom of the press

In its most recent report on the freedom of the press in the world, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has ranked the Islamic Republic of Iran in the bottom ten countries with the most terrible conditions for the press in the world at 173 out of 180 countries, with Saudi Arabia at 170.

Khamenei’s advisor to Rouhani: Open up the mosques and holy shrines

In a letter to President Rouhani, Alireza Marandi, confidant physician and advisor to the leader of the Islamic Republic, asked him to order the reopening of mosques and holy shrines very soon.

Referring to the beginning of Ramadhan, Marandi wrote: “Since the possibility of the virus transfer is lower in this case compared to others, if you see fit, please order the reopening of mosques and holy shrines while following health guidelines and social distancing.”

He also asked that the Ministry of Health hold classes for clerics who are being sent to different parts of the country on religious missions.


Government of Afghanistan begins negotiation with Taliban for prisoner exchange

A team of three Taliban delegates arrived in Kabul on Tuesday to negotiate prison exchange with the government of Afghanistan. Experts believe this could be a precursor to the negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government’s delegation.

In the recent agreement between the Taliban and the U.S, it was decided that the Taliban and the Afghan government would negotiate over the exchange of 6000 prisoners.

Prisoner exchange has always been one of the main obstacles for the negotiations.


Khamenei has not responded to Rouhani’s request to use the Development Fund

Five days after President Rouhani’s request to take one billion dollars out of the National Development Fund to fight the corona crisis, Ayatollah Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic has not approved of his request.

On Thursday, Rouhani announced that he would ask Ayatollah Khamenei to approve of taking one billion dollars out of the National Development Fund.

He said: The country needs more budget in the healthcare area and with the amount we need for unemployment insurance, it comes to a sum of one billion dollars.

Khamenei had previously approved of 200 million Euros to IRGC’s Quds Force and 150 million Euros to the State TV.