Israeli fighter jets practice for entering Iranian airspace


Israeli media reported that the country’s Air Force is holding drill for flying in Iranian airspace.

According to an American unnamed source, Israeli fighter planes practiced a long-distance flight in the coasts of Greece. They flew a distance equivalent to the distance between Iran and Israel.

Recently the chairman of national security in Iran’s parliament said that if the United States attacks Iran, Israel will be destroyed in less than half an hour.

In response, Netanyahu said that Israeli fighters can target “any area in Iran and of course Syria.”

Greece is equipped with the Russian S300 missile defense, which Iran intends to buy from Russia.



Teachers’ union activist arrested in Lorestan province


Houshang Kushki, a teachers’ union activist in Mamoulan city was arrested on Monday night by security forces in Lorestan province and taken to an undisclosed location.

According to HRANA, after his arrest, the security forces confiscated all the CCTV in the building.

Recently, Kushki published a video on his social media account in which he supported the letter released by 14 civil rights activists asking for the resignation of the leader of Iran.