IRGC threatens the protesters with “revolutionary response”

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) threatened the Iranian protesters across the country that if the protests continue, they will receive a “decisive and revolutionary response”.

In its statement on Monday, IRGC claimed that the recent protests in Iran led to “glee and support from the evil officials of the United States.”

The statement refers to the protesters as “agitators and hoodlums” and advised the people not to be impacted by “the false and evil echo chambers of the enemy’s networks of satellite and online channels.

The Intelligence Ministry also issued a statement claiming that the main culprits of the events of last few days have been identified and necessary measures are being taken against them.

IRGC drone crashes in Khuzestan province

An IRGC drone crashed in the Molla-Sani area in Khuzestan province. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that the drone was forced to land due to technical problems.

The IRGC statement reads: “At 12:25 pm, while on a mission between Isfahan and Khuzestan province, the drone faced technical problems and landed in Molla-Sani town of Khuzestan province.”

According to the images, the drone suffered some damages during its crash landing.

State-TV refused to broadcast President Rouhani’s speech


President Rouhani’s head of communications reported that the state-TV has refused to broadcast the president’s speech on Monday.

Moezzi told ISNA: “Despite all the preparations being done in advance, the News Network suddenly refused to live-broadcast the speech even though the technical crew was present at the scene.”

He added: None of the IRIB officials have responded to the inquiries made by the office of the president.

Two Iranian diplomats were deported from Albania

The foreign ministry of Albania deported two diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Albania.

The foreign minister of Albania released a statement on Wednesday on social media identifying the two diplomats as Mohammad Ali Arzpeyma and Ahmad Hosseini Alast.

They have been expelled for “activities unrelated to their diplomatic role”.

The two have been asked to leave the Albanian Republic immediately.

Albania had expelled the Islamic Republic ambassador and another diplomat in December of 2018 for undermining national security.


Chief of Tehran’s police: No agitator was hurt during the November protests  


Hossein Rahimi, the chief of police of Greater Tehran claimed that during the November protests in Iran, many ordinary people were hurt but not a single agitator was hurt. He did not clarify his method of distinction between agitators and ordinary people.

He continued: “Many had packed their suitcases to come back to Iran and thought they were about to take control of the country.”

Atena Daemi transferred to IRGC holding in Evin prison


Civil Rights activist Atena Daemi was transferred to Ward 2-A in Evin prison which is under the control of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Intelligence.

She was transferred after her sit-down with seven other female prisoners in protest to the massacre of protesters in November Iran protests.

Narges Mohammadi, another prisoner was transferred to Gharchak prison after the sit-down.

Incarcerated student Saha Mortezaei was transferred to Gharchak prison

Incarcerated university student Saha Rezaei was transferred from Evin prison to Gharchak prison without prior notice due to her hunger strike and inability to post bail. She was previously denied higher education.

The judiciary had set her bail at 500 million tomans. In response to the high amount for her bail, she announced that she is going on a hunger strike.

Formation of Army’s Quran and Prayer Office despite decreased budget


Despite the 10 percent decrease in the budget of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the chairman of the army’s ideological and political organization announced the formation of “the office of Quran and prayer” in the army.

Mohammad-Hassani stated that the reason for the formation of this office is to “strengthen the spirit of insight and spirituality” among the army employees and their families.

In recent years several reports have indicated the terrible financial conditions of Iran’s army. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the ideological army of the Islamic Republic has seen a yearly increase in its budget.