Iran’s police chief says his forces “are worried about further protests”


The commander of Iran’s police forces Hossein Ashtari says his officers are worried about the repeat of the recent nationwide protests but “are ready to deal with them”.

“The recent sedition and security threats were immense and the perpetrators were using the same tactics that are being used by the Hong Kong protesters by setting up barricades and covering the road surface with sands”’ Ashtari said. 

“Our security forces are worried about the unrest in Iraq and Lebanon spill over into our country and we see a repeat of the recent protests. But we are ready to deal with them”, he added.

According to Amnesty International, more than 208 protesters in 21 cities have been killed, several hundred injured and 7,000 arrested during the crackdown against the recent protests in Iran. The NGO adds that the real death toll may be much higher.

Deputy Minister of Health: Coronavirus has not entered Iran

Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi declared that Coronavirus has not entered Iran yet, and said: “The Ministry of Health along with the law enforcement observe and look for the symptoms of the disease in all the passengers arriving from China.”

IRGC drone crashes in Khuzestan province

An IRGC drone crashed in the Molla-Sani area in Khuzestan province. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced that the drone was forced to land due to technical problems.

The IRGC statement reads: “At 12:25 pm, while on a mission between Isfahan and Khuzestan province, the drone faced technical problems and landed in Molla-Sani town of Khuzestan province.”

According to the images, the drone suffered some damages during its crash landing.

State-TV refused to broadcast President Rouhani’s speech


President Rouhani’s head of communications reported that the state-TV has refused to broadcast the president’s speech on Monday.

Moezzi told ISNA: “Despite all the preparations being done in advance, the News Network suddenly refused to live-broadcast the speech even though the technical crew was present at the scene.”

He added: None of the IRIB officials have responded to the inquiries made by the office of the president.

Richard Ratcliffe urges UK government to be tougher with Iran

In a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Richard Ratcliffe, the husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the Iranian-British citizen incarcerated in Evin Prison, asked the government to be tougher on Iran.

Mr. Ratcliffe said Mr. Johnson is "personally committed" to her case, and was "touched" when he gave him a wallet that Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe had made in prison.

However, he added: “I don't stand here hopeful if I'm honest. I stand here with my wife still in prison and things aren't moving."

"I will think carefully about what I tell her on the phone on Saturday,” he said.


Mysterious death of 500 migrant birds in Mazandaran province

After the discovery of the bodies of over 500 migrant birds in Miankaleh swamp, the director of the Environmental Protection Organization of Mazandaran said the bodies belong to four different types of immigrant birds, and the reason for their deaths is currently unknown.

According to Hossein-Ali Karnami: “After witnessing the corpses of the migrant birds on Wednesday in Miankaleh swamp, agents of the Enviornmental Protection Organization were deployed to the area for closer investigation.”






Josep Borrell: Like Americans, Europe is concerned about Iran’s role in the region

While talking about the rising tensions between Tehran and Washington, EU foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell said Europe is just as concerned as the United States about Iran’s role in the countries of the region.

Borrell added: “Just imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons right now, in what position would we be? It was only the nuclear deal that prevented it. The same deal that Trump calls it a bad one.”

Borrell went on to say that the European Union has many options in preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons, clarifying that he is not only referring to military options.

11 arrested in Fars province for Instagram activities

The police chief of Marvdasht city in Fars province announced that 11 citizens have been arrested for running an Instagram page that “created an atmosphere of negativity toward the city officials”.

He continued: “The admins published some material against some government offices and organizations and made some accusations” He added: “They were creating a lack of trust for the officials and organizations in their audience and disrupted the security and the political atmosphere of the city.”

Most social media are blocked in Iran and many activists have been arrested for activities on social media.



IRGC: we have not separated the victims of the November protests

The commander of Mohammad Rasulullah said that the victims of November’s protests have not been separated and there are no statistics available.

Yazdi said on Wednesday: “We have not yet separated those who were martyred and those who were there by accident or those killed by the thugs and agitators, or the thugs and agitators who were killed.”

There is still no official report of the number of protesters killed in November protests in Iran.