Rouhani claims Iran is in better economic conditions than last year

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani says Iran’s patience in the face of heavy economic and political sanctions has resulted in a victory for the Islamic Republic.

In his speech on Thursday at the Islamic Unity Conference, Rouhani said: “America imposed the toughest economic and political sanctions on our country this past year, but the result of patience is that we now witness a victory and achievement every month.”

Reouhani emphasized: “Israel and the US have not become any stronger, but Iran, Lebanon, and the Islamic world are stronger today than before.”

“Witness the result of patience; from November 4th last year to November 4th this year, a lot of pressure was put on our people and now one year has passed. Now all the indicators say that Iran’s economic and political conditions have significantly improved compared to last year. There has been more growth each month compared to the month before,” Rouhani continued.

President Rouhani also warned the countries of the region against trusting the United States and said: “The United States has never been a friend to the people of the region and the Muslims, and it never will be.” Adding: “Those who say the #US is a solution must provide examples where the US has helped the people of a country or a region in the past years, and tell us which coups, wars, and conflicts in the Middle East are not caused by the US and Israel.”

He claimed that the US and Israel are behind all the problems in the Middle East and said:  “In recent centuries, every war and massacre and bloodshed in our region can be traced to the US and Israel.”

In 2013, Rouhani was elected with the promise of negotiation with the United States and saving the Islamic Republic from economic and political ruin.

Rouhani went on to emphasize that the Islamic world must never forget the crimes of the Western world and said: “If they can distance our younger generations from out righteous ideals and present the enemy as a friend and the friend as an enemy, then they will have succeeded in their ploy.”


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