Raising the price of gasoline leads to unrest in Iran

As Iran rations gasoline and raises its price by 200 percent, people in several cities including Mashhad, Ahvaz, Khorramshahr, Mahshahr, Omidiyeh, Sirjan, and Gachsaran take to the streets in protest. 

The videos uploaded in social media show protesters in Ahvaz chanting: “Dignified Ahvazi, turn off your car.” In Khorramshahr, people called for President Rouhani’s resignation.

In Mahshahr, people burnt car tires in the streets. The protesters also blocked some of the roads in Khuzestan province for several hours.

However, the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company announced on Friday that: “According to the reports, the rationing plan went ahead without any incidents.”

“An informed source” at the Ministry of Interior told ISNA that “there have been no reports of protests, gatherings, clashes, and setting fire to gas stations from any part of the country.”

There are reports of long lines at gas stations from across the country.

Angry Iranians took to social media after the government announced that gasoline will be rationed and its price will increase on Friday’

One MP, Alireza Mahjoub, called this decision “setting fire to the lives of the poor”.

However, in a government meeting on Friday, President Rouhani defended the decision and claimed that it is for the benefit of the people and helps the lower classes.

The President of Iran’s Central Bank, Abdol-Naser Hemmati, announced that the decision has immediately increased the country’s inflation rate by 4 percent.

President Rouhani’s chief of staff says the decision was made by all the pillars of the regime.

The price of gasoline increased from 1000 tomans per liter to 3000 tomans. The price of rationed gasoline is 1500 tomans per liter.


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