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Maryam Sinaiee

A British-Iranian journalist, political analyst and former correspondent of The National and journalist at Iran International
Iran's foreign ministry has indicated that Tehran might be willing to extend a nuclear monitoring agreement with IAEA beyond May 21, if talks in Vienna move in "the right path".
13 hours 36 min ago
As protesters in Iraq attacked Iran's consulate in Karbala after the killing of an activist, Iran's state media tried to portray the event as a conspiracy by Iran's enemies.
17 hours 43 min ago
Hardliners in Iran announce the deprivatization of a major agro-industrial complex, seemingly timed to help their top candidate in the June presidential elections.
09 May 2021
The murder of a young homosexual man allegedly by family members has led to condemnations of Iran's laws and customs against people with LGBT orientations.
08 May 2021
Rayed Krimly, head of policy planning at the Saudi foreign ministry, confirmed publicly for the first time Friday [April 7] that Riyadh and Tehran are holding direct talks to "explore ways to reduce regional tensions."
07 May 2021
Ahead of the International Quds Day ceremonies on May 7 in Iran, officials of the Revolutionary Guards have made direct and indirect threats against archfoe Israel.
07 May 2021
Iran has been building a new missile base near Haji Abad in the southern Hormozgan province on the Persian Gulf, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has revealed based on open-source satellite imagery.
06 May 2021
G7) countries Wednesday urged Iran to free arbitrarily imprisoned foreign and dual nationals and said they are committed to ensure that Iran will never develop a nuclear weapon.
06 May 2021
An Iranian diplomat convicted in Belgium of a terror plot will not appeal his 20-year prison sentence, his lawyer told Iran International in Antwerp.
05 May 2021
Iran's foreign ministry on Wednesday denied Press TV's Tuesday claim that the refusal of the US to "terminate all the sanctions" will bring the Vienna negotiations to a halt.
05 May 2021
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