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Mardo Soghom

Editor, English Website
Iran says Canada breaks international norms by not allowing Iranians to vote on its soil in the upcoming presidential poll, but Canada and Iran have no diplomatic relations.
11 Jun 2021
Iran's energy sector has suffered from lack of sufficient domestic and foreign investments in the past four decades, and the lifting of sanctions will not change the landscape much.
21 May 2021
An important deadline for extending UN inspections is approaching May 21 in the Iran nuclear talks without any sign of a resolution in Vienna or an agreement to extend inspections.
18 May 2021
Iran's gasoline consumotion has increased by 50 percent in the last decade. Ever-rising gasoline consumption in Iran means less crude oil for export.
17 May 2021
Despite calls by Republicans to end talks with Iran, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken refused to say if Iran is involved in the flareup of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.
14 May 2021
The battered Iranian currency, the rial, has been strengthening in recent days as expectation of a deal with United States grew over Iran's nuclear program.
04 May 2021
A leaked audio file of Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif has led to attacks of former secretary of state John Kerry for allegedly having shared intelligence with Zarif. What is in the tape?
27 Apr 2021
President Hassan Rouhani said Iran was ready to take steps to lift sanctions, after remarks by a US official that it was not important who took the first step in reviving the Iran nuclear deal.
27 Mar 2021
Iran's oil minister has claimed that Iran is not owed any money for oil exports during US sanctions, but it does not mean it collected cash from importers.
31 Jan 2021
Iran's energy minister says high rate of gas consumption will turn the country into a net importer. But it is sanctions that limit Iran's gas production.
19 Jan 2021