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Taliban military official arrested after exiting an IRGC vehicle in Herat

The national security chief of Herat province in Afghanistan reported that Hafiz Omari, aka Qari Shafi, a Taliban’s military leader was arrested in this province after exiting a vehicle that belonged to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Molla Ravat, another Taliban official responsible for medical care and transfer of injured Taliban forces was also arrested in Herat.

Omari is responsible for the unsafety of Herat’s main roads and he has been identified as a member of the leadership council of the Taliban in this province. According to the reports, he was involved in numerous terrorist attacks and assassinations inside Herat city and on several public facilities.

The security report states that on Friday, this Taliban official was arrested at headquarters after exiting a vehicle that belonged to Iran’s IRGC while trying to enter Shindand city.

According to the report, he was entering Shindand to increase the terrorist attacks in the province.

Officials from the Taliban and the Islamic Republic regime of Iran are yet to respond to this report.

Previously there had been several reports in western media about the cooperation between the regime of Iran and the Taliban, but both sides had denied the allegations.

In November 2018, Brian Hook, the U.S special envoy for Iran accused the regime of Iran of providing military support for the Taliban. Several members of Afghanistan’s parliament also accused the regime of Iran of the same thing in February of this year.


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