Suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul leaves at least 63 dead, 180 injured | Iran International

Suicide bombing at a wedding in Kabul leaves at least 63 dead, 180 injured

A suicide bombing at a wedding ceremony in a hotel in Kabul left at least 63 dead and 180 injured.

According to the reports, the explosion occurred inside the wedding hall at almost 10:30 on Saturday night.

The spokesperson for Kabul police announced that the explosion has left 63 dead and 180 injured.

The spokesperson for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior, Nosrat Rahimi, stated that the explosion took place in the 6th security district of Kabul in Hotel Ghasr Dubai.

According to the reports, the suicide bomber took the explosive to the second floor of the wedding hall and detonated it.

According to Nosrat Rahimi, the bomb was detonated near where the groom was sitting. Those injured have been taken to a hospital in Kabul.

Rahimi stated that the exact number of casualties will soon be announced.


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